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    Hey guys,
    I just recently started looking into forums as a new way to connect with more people with my interests and I look forward to learning from everyone and sharing any knowledge I can with those that are interested. I'm a college student in Missouri studying Civil Engineering and I've been really passionate about working out and staying in shape all my life. I've found what works well for me and like to spend time every day improving myself. I have been dabbling in personal training with friends and family but have been recently trying to spread my knowledge further to more people. I am also a distributor with Advocare (which I will avoid marketing on here as I know how annoying that can be). If anyone is in the area or would like to chat and pick my brain, I look forward to talking with you guys and learning from those of you with even more experience than I.


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    Hi there! I'm new here too and hoping to learn more about training with other members. I'm happy to have found this site.



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