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    Default Recommended programs for my experience?

    I wouldnt necessarily say Im strong and im not a big guy, but def chubby for my height (57, 180lbs @ 23% bf) but Ive made tremendous progress within the past two months, a little bg about my exp:

    Lifted occassionally a year or two prior, but I was all over the place and wasnt consistent or too srs about it. S/BP/DL were: 225/175/255. A hs buddy of mine got back two months ago (out from the Marines after 4 yrs of service) and weve basically been grinding out 5x5 @ 80-90% on S/BP 6-7 times a week; DL were done 1-2 times, depending on how we felt. This boosted my lifts to 315/215/315x4. Atp, im happy with my progress tho its starting to slow down and tbh, grinding 5x5 everday is starting to tire me out, esp w my new work schedule.

    Wanted to know what programs yall recommend for me. I heard Starting Strength is a good place to start and just did a session today and tbh, it felt a little too easy, which concerns me. Would I lose my str if I jumped onto this program, considering that volume of my workouts have decreased.

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    Sounds like you are off to a good start. What are your goals that you want to achieve? Looking at your program i would say you are trying to add muscle by the weights you are lifting and your reps. I assume one of your goals is to lose some fat as well because you did mention that you were a bit chubby. There are a couple of programs on that you should check out. One is called Anabolic Aftergrowth and the other is MI40. I think either program will help you get to the next level in your exercise program. Hope this helps.
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