Sorry this so long! Back to Worshiping the Iron, just three months in. I was benched for ten years, took a bad hit when I was a medic. Was told I'd be in a wheelchair by age 40, so, after a couple years, I gave up, *****ed out, stopped fighting, got fat, abused pain meds. But God wasn't done with me. Today I am seven+ years off the junk, have dropped from 400lbs to 194lbs. (Will post pics on my profile, if it is allowed here) My beloved wolf dogs are the #1 reason I dropped he weight, hiked countless miles with them! Anyway, I joined to reach out to experienced members for guidance and direction. I was a dedicated lifter of the Matt David school for over a decade, prior to injury. Muscle memory is an amazing thing. My body WANTS to push the weight, remembers it at a cellular level. The iron really doesn't lie, as Henry says. Cheers!