Hi all - I like working out in the mornings before work (only time I can guarantee in my day). I only end up with ~45 minutes (not many 24 hr gyms in my area). Looking to improve physique.

Below is my current workout, just looking for advise on anything. If it's a mess, things to change in terms of approach and/or lifts. Keep in mind I only have 45-50 minutes so working within that time frame.

Bench 3x10 @ 80kgs

Circuit 1
Pulldowns 3x10 @ 65
Dumbbell shrugs 3x10 @ 24 w/3 second pause at top
Side raises 3x12 @ 7

Circuit 2
Dips 3x10
Seated row 3x10 @ 80
Cable face pull 3x10 @ 20

Circuit 3
Bent over dumbbell raise 3x10 @ 24
Standing dumbbell press 3x10 @ 18
Planks 3x60

When I finish a 3x10 I move up weight (obviously?). For the circuits I do one set of each exercise, then second, then third. My thought process being I am focusing on different muscle groups so they'd be less fatigued.

Any thoughts welcome. Thanks!