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    Cool 7 Days Challenge At Home! Fitnest

    From experience, i can say that you need somebody to push you, or you need a motivation.

    I know it sounds stupid or boring, but it’s the secret sauce. Until someone can package the stuff, it will continue to be the quiet little workhorse that runs in the background, quietly gaining you results while everyone else darts around looking for the next magic potion promising overnight results.

    If you’ve struggled with being consistent in the gym, you are not alone.

    For years I was the guy that gym owners absolutely loved. Why? Because I was the dummy who paid full freight for a membership and supplements and made it to the gym a handful of times per month.

    Until things changed.

    I stopped going to the gym… Yes you read right, my gym was 30 min away from my home and that time was precious time for me, so i started at home, i spent less than 100$ and i have a traction bar, a chest bench, 2 dumbbells, and trust me! it’s more than enough plus you need only youtube to get most of the exercises you need, BUT if you really want to push further and make things serious as i said you need a coach or a strong motivation, something that keeps you interested giving you different workouts every time, something that pushes you thought the limits, for that i can suggest you something, a few months ago i found a program it’s basically a 7 days challenge (from that you can learn a lot on how to work out properly), the challenge it’s completely free but if you are interested then you can join the full program which is way less than joining a gym…

    I know i'm boring
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