Hi im currently 16, 202 5"10, I was 150 5"8 when I was 14, but I had a chance to start on my varsity football team at guard so I bulked up eating basically anything I could get pretty much a dirty bulk im 19% body fat, looking to trim down to around 10-13%, I have the time and effort I go to the gym and lift 6 days a week and do 25 minutes of stairs cardio after everyday lifting, I lift for around 2 1/2 hours a day so i can keep most of my muscle while cutting or as much as possible because I have my next year's football season, i'm seeking guidance on cutting and nutrition while cutting, I have to tried to watch youtube and figure everything out but wanna make sure I'm not waiting 2 1/2 hours everyday, I currently eat a.9 grams of protein each day and 2100 calories, My meals normally include Breakfast, Peanut butter toast with protein shake after lifting at 4 am for a hour, Lunch I usually have 3 things Chicken breast with broc****, pasta with red sauce and chicken mixed in, and lastly includes Mixed chicken salad (hate this meal so much), and dinner basically chicken in different forms with brown rice, My workouts include for uppers I lift bench heavy as well as shoulder press and military press, Then I kinda do a bit of circuit training and by that i mean i do high reps lower weight I do curls 30 each arm for 15x4, 30 second break then do cup pours 15x4 with 15's, after this i do row machine 15x4 at 90, then another 30 second break i do pull downs with 15x4 with 40lbs then i will go do cable crossover high for my chest 10x4 at 25lbs, and then I will mix in some random other upper body lifts for 5-6 more machines, then do core and stairs for 25 minutes I normally get around 2000-2500. For legs i just do the normally no "circuit training" so squat, deadlift, front squad, leg press, good mornings, and step ups on bench for functional for football. I could really use some help with my workout to make my cutting more effective Iv seen some gains in my arms and chest and ab area in the first 2 weeks of doing this workout. Im currently taking whey protein as well and creatine I drink a gallon of water a day. can you please help me cutting Im new to it never really cut before need some help thank you please give any advice