10% of me didn't want to workout, looking for a way out. But I did go ahead and get changed and headed down to the basement and got busy.

Warm up 10 minutes.


115 lbs x 10
125 x 10
145 x 5
165 x 4
185 x 3
205 x 2
225 x 1
245 x 1
265 x 1
285 x 1
305 x 0 x 0
250 x 2 x 1 x 1

1 hr

285 went up pretty fast and was easy, the first 305 I lowered it and it went towards my belly got way out of the groove, pulled it back to my chest and went ahead and dumped it. I was like well crap that sap the mojo. So got set up for second try, got it off my chest and had nothing to push. So crap. I went back down to 250 and did a few lifts and called it good.

Feeling a little sad, here in a few days will be my 1 rep max test, if I don't get 305 up that will be 2 months in a row of no progress on max bench.