Hello! So i wanted to switch my training program and want feedback with my new one!

Hello everyone! Hope everyone having a good day.

So i've been doing this full body workout split-ish routine with progressive overload as base for a couple of months now, and it's been working fine until recently, because i feel i dont hit each muscle enough to make it grow. If that makes any sense. It's basically split up into 3 workouts per week consisting of 2 schuedles. Workout 1 and workout 2.

Workout 1 is : Squat (3x5), bench (3x5), pull ups (3x5) and tricep bench (3x10).

Workout 2 is : Squat (3x5), deadlift (3x5), military press (3x5), pull ups (3x5) and lateral raises (3x10).

And the routine is each week i switch it up so ie : Week one consists of workout 1.2.1 and next week is 2.1.2 and then i go back to 1.2.1.

Im wondering if an Upper/lower body split will work better? Where i train upper and lower body twice a week.

The upper body workout as of now im thinking will be :

Barbell benchpress (i will go down in weight for a couple of weeks doing 3x8 and try to break my platue and then switch to a 3x5)

Incline barbell benchpress (3x8)

Tricep benchpress (3x8)

Pull up neutral grip (3x5)

Wide lats pulldown (3x8)

Bicep curl (3x8)

Overhead press (3x8)

Lateral raises (3x10)

Facepulls (3x10)

Lower body :
Squat (5x8. Just because i lack the creativity to think of some other great exercise, so just to get more volume in my workout i'll do 5 sets. This will change to 5x5 later)

Front Squat (5x8) (5x5 later)

Deadlift (3x5)

Glute bridges (3x5)

Back raise (3x10)

And some core exercises.

I'm also stuck in which tempo i want to do. It's either :
Mon Upper body
Tue Lower body
Wed rest
Thu Upper body
Fri Lower body
Sat rest
Sun rest

Mon Upper body
Tue Lower body
Wed rest
Thu Upper body
Fri Lower body
Sat rest
Sun Upper body
Monday Lower body
Tue Rest

Where i basically only rest once between theese 2 workouts even on weekends unlike the one before.
Which will be best for optimal growth?
Sorry for long post and a big thanks to everyone who takes their time to read this!