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    Default Heavy Bag workout question

    Thoughts on this workout?
    Monday - Heavy bag (increasing a round each week...currently 10-three minute rounds). 1 minute between rounds alternating between lunges and squats each round.

    Tuesday - Chest and back. Alternating from Bench press to lat pulldowns. High reps 30, 25, 20, 15, 10. Minimal rest between sets.

    Wednesday - repeat Monday's heavy bag routine, with leg work between sets.

    Thursday- Bi's, tri's and shoulders.
    High reps with BFR bands. Alternating tricep extensions with a variety of dumbbell curls and deltoid raises. 30, 25, 20, 15, 10
    Minimal rest between sets.

    Friday- Heavy bag and legs
    Saturday - Chest and back
    Sunday - Heavy bag and legs
    Monday - Bi's, tri's and delts

    Repeat this cycle

    I try to workout every day, but life inevitably gets me a day off each week. I'm almost 52 years old, with a goal of cutting day and gaining muscle. I'm 6'1" with "thin" arms and legs....I've gone from an all-time high of 207 lbs. to 195 in 9 weeks. My question is, do I need to rest more than 1 day per week with this type of workout? Thoughts?

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