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    Default Gym Bag and Business Attire together?

    I currently bring my gym bag to the gym every morning with me.

    But I also bring my business shirt and slacks on a hanger over my shoulder.

    I would love to carry them all in one bag. However I would like to keep my business attire wrinkle free? Any one else share this problem?

    Any suggestions?


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    i feel like what you are doing is probably best. depending on how much time you have between the end of your workout and needing to leave for work you can bring a steamer and take wrinkles out of the clothes when necessary if they're in your bag. or on the other hand you can get a suit bag and just dump your gym stuff in the bottom of it. i just googled suit bag and one of the first things i see is a suit bag that folds nicely to prevent wrinkles and is also a duffel. i think we just found your solution!



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