Hi Guys and Girls.

Ive tried many "Products/Pills/Supplements" over the years and found that my biggest problem as well as many other peoples problem is my general nutrition over all. I know there is no magic supplement anywhere in the world that will overcome poor nutrition (learnt that by probably trying most of them), so i'm thinking of following a Paleo style nutrition lifestyle but would like to hear from anyone else who is following Paleo base nutrition of actual experience of what benefits/drawbacks you discovered rather than some advertising blurb of "try this 28 day plan it will transform your life forever etc etc"?. I want it to become my lifestyle, not just a diet. Ive ordered some recipe and idea books (i'll link them below, they havent arrived yet) to try and keep it interesting as one of my problems is lack of imagination when it comes to food prep.

This is the link for the books

If anyone can shed light ot provide some advice, that would be great or if anyone has used these or anyother books and whether they're any good or have i just wasted my cash (not the first time )