Hi everyone, just need a bit of advice. A friend of mine is just starting the gym and she's quite nervous about it cause she's got no idea what to do. She asked me to help her write up a 5 day routine for weight loss while also getting toned up. I'm no gym expert or personal trainer so hence why I'm here for help haha. I don't know her exact measurements but she is roughly 5ft4 and weighs between 50kg and 60kg i think. She does have quite an unhealthy diet which I said will have to change for progress, but that's a different story.

I did some research and found 4 possible ways to split the routine:

1. Full body workout. Lots of people were saying that full body workouts comprising primarily of compound exercises is the most effective routine for beginners. The plan goes as follows; Monday starts with the full body workout, Tuesday is intense cardio, Wednesday is full body, Thursday intense cardio and finally Friday is full body. Obviously I would assume that for each day there would be a change in the exercise so it's not a repeatiton all the way through the week.

2. Split into upper and lower body days. This was also very popular when I was reading up about the routines. There were two types of plan, the first one consisted of Monday doing upper body workouts along with 20mins of cardio, Tuesday doing lower body and 20mins cardio, Wednesday rest day, Thursday back on the upper body (with different exercises) and the 20min cardio, Friday lower body (with different exercise) and 20mim cardio, and finally Saturday is the full body, or strength day.

3. The third also splits it into upper and lower similarly to the second one above, however, instead of doing cardio every session, it is brought down to one day, which would either be the Wednesday or the Saturday.

4. Last but not least is separating out the week by muscle groups. So Monday might be legs, Tuesday chest and back, Wednesday arms, Thursday core. A don't really know if I'm honest haha. And then there's the question if this option is the best, would cardio be implemented everyday or separate days? Not a clue.

So basically what I'm asking is if any one of these routine structures are the best, and if so which one. If not, does anyone know a simple yet extremely effective 5 day routine that just can't go wrong

Finally, the hardest part was what exercises. I know I'm going to stick with compound over isolated, but which exercises should i put into the different days. That's obviously goes in part with the type of routine. Hope anyone can help, many thanks in advance.