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    Default Losing fat.. need advice

    Hello there,
    I am new here, finally decided to start losing belly fat... I try to keep my calories low, do some workouts, running, swimming pool etc.
    But is there anything that I could do help me losing weight without doing anything? I have been drinking green tea for past couple of weeks (I heard it helps) but recently, I discoverd red tea detox programme here and apparently its much better and more affective than green tea and it also stops your hunger... Any thoughts opinions on that?
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    there's no proof that red tea is any better than other teas but it does have different antioxidants. basics to fat loss would include dieting with healthy food and counting a caloric deficit. exercising with a mix of cardio and resistance training. and once those are under control you can try taking a fat burner like lipo 6 black
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