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    Default Plantar facitis pain

    Iíve dealt with plantar facitis for a few years now. Podiatrist gave cortisone and custom orthotics. General orthodox consult have a night boot(which was impossible to sleep in). Physical therapy seemed to work but the visit fee and twice a week was expensive. The last few days Iíve really spent 15-20 stretching it hard(actually have new pain so maybe itís working)

    Wonder if I can switch up my supplements to aid in ligament repair/stretch? Glucosamine? Joint product?

    Currently take a multivitamin on regular but thatís about it

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    This problem is well familiar to me. I found plantar fasciitis 3 years ago. Since then I try to fight against it and play sports despite everything. I tried different plantar fasciitis remedies. If something helped, then is temporary. I even tried heel spur treatment from good doctors. Now I only sometimes feel foot pain in the morning, because I try exercises from jeremy roberts plantar fasciitis book. These are rather simple exercises, the main thing to make it regularly, then there will be a result. I don't know other good decision.
    If you found something else, tell. Interestingly))
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