FortiFX Honey Almond Protein Bar Review


Honey Almond . The initial taste is a rich vanilla that is coated with a honey drizzle. The crunchy granola is complimented with an almond flavor that is enriched by the sweetness of the honey. I thought the pretzel bar was a sweet and salty combination that came true, but this flavor is on another level. The array of flavors mesh together very well and the honey layers the extra icing on the cake by enhancing each aspect in this bar. FortiFX continues to improve with each flavor they pump out. I do not know what is next, but with this trend they continue to release a flavor that one-ups the previous one.

Flavor Rankings:
1. Honey Almond
2. Pretzel
3. Peanut Butter
4. Chocolate


The texture on these bars is unique, and what separates them from the competition on the market. This is the first company to infuse a granola bar and protein bar together. This is a multi-layered bar with an outside coating, a small drizzle, and a crunchy granola inside.. Out of the wrapper this bar is soft and easy to consume. I could even puncture the outside layer with my fingers, if you left this out in a hot or humid environment you could see the outside start to smear or melt.


260 Calories
12g Fat
23g Carbohydrates
3g Fiber
20g Protein

FortiFX decided to make a higher calorie granola bar and protein bar hybrid. Fortifx use to make 80g bars, but have downsized them to 60g and lowered the caloric allotment. The bars have a protein blend, which is heavy in WPI. Therefore it will settle easier to others who use higher amounts of concentrates, MPI, or casein to help flavor the protein bar.


The price is $25 for a box of 12 protein bars. Given the quality of the protein bars, and how good the flavoring is this is a reasonable price. Companies such as Sinister Labs, Prosupps, Animal, and Fit Crunch who have a very identical MRP based bar are all in the ballpark for pricing. If you do see a sale on these it would be a very good idea to buy and stock up.