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    Default Rebuilding a foundation

    Hey guys I'm turning 29 5'11" Male weighing in at 215 est. 25%bf and am looking to do a body recomp. I'd like 20 be 200 and at about 15 %

    My current plan is a 2000cal diet
    I'm going to start running the phat program
    And do about 30 mins of cardio a day with post workout stretching. Weekend will be rest/steady state cardio and sauna days.

    Now I'm not scared of the volume of this work out but I'd like to rebuild my foundation as lifter and correct any imbalances or form flaws.

    If I for example deadlift 315 for 5 currently and restart at 135 for 5 increasing 10lbs every week would this be wise or should I back of less? Just looking out for my bodies best interest

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    So your goal is to gain 20 pounds of muscle while SIMULTANEOUSLY losing 20 pounds of body fat? Anyone else see a problem there? How long are you giving yourself to do this? Small recomp goals (4-5 pounds) take people months, and yours is quite aggressive.
    Donít chase the 1%, there is no magic training routine or diet thatís going to provide any measurable results over the basic principles for getting huge and strong: Train heavy, eat and sleep more.



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