I started off my career as a gymnast and quickly moved in all kinds of sports. I was more interested in achieving sports challenges than sitting in a classroom at school. But I am glad that I finished my studies. Thank you mum.

I have been going to the gym since I was 16 years old. This year I will have 50 candles to blow out. I am getting on in life. My body is reminding me every day unfortunately. I have been doing heavy weights split training until last year. Because of injuries and tendinitis I have started to do high metabolic intensity training. Basically I do a full body training every day I am down the gym, but each day I concentrate on a muscle group. My program looks like this:

1. Warm up
I do 3 exercises with 10 seconds rest in between (ex burpees, mountain climbers, free squats, jump squats,...)

2. Abs
Two exercises in superset with about 30 seconds of rest in between

3. Metabolic circuit training
I divide this section in 2 groups of 4 exercises that I do in superset. I take about a minute rest in between. This for 4 times. It is brutal!

4. Muscle group of the day
I perform 3 exercises in superset with one minute rest in between, this for 4 times. Brutal again! At this stage I can feel my gasoline reserves are hitting low.

5. Arm muscle of the day
I perform 3 exercises of either biceps or triceps in superset, this for 4 times.

6. Legs
I perform 3 exercises in superset with one minute of rest in between. This for 3 times. Ouch, those legs!

Well that is it. I can feel that some days it is getting difficult to perform this schedule. I will need to back off some series or sets to keep on going. I do this about 5 days a week. However, sometimes I need two days rest to recuperate and to let everything get into place again. I train at 7am before breakfast. Sometimes I skip breakfast and fast until lunch.

I have never been so ripped in my life. I am 1m78 and weigh 67kg. My scales tell me that I have a BMI of 21.

I am half vegetarian. I eat fish.
Started to ditch all fast sugars a year ago and eat medium-low carb. 2-3 times a week I eat pasta. My wife cannot give it up. My diet consists of nuts, healthy oils, fish, veggies and dairy. I am starting to think that I should stop the dairy as well.
I like to have a nice beer a couple of times a week (hey, I live in Belgium)

Looking forward to go over some interesting input on this forum.