So Iím new to the forums so please be gentle lol I need help/advise with my diet please. Just a little bit about myself I go into weight training seriously around 5 years ago. At first it was just about losing Weight as I was near 22 stone. To keep it short I lost the weight but wanted to get into bodybuilding, I asked the PT at my bodybuilding gym to put me on a diet plan. I admit I didnít really stick to it and I was on and off it for two years not really making progress other then putting size on. However September last year I decided enough was enough and I wanted to chase my dream of getting abs. I stuck to his diet plan and lost 1 and Ĺ stone. His diet plan consisted of the below. It came to Christmas and I totally un did all my good work. January I wasnít really on it properly but decided in February to get back on it and have a good year. I trained hard and consistent with no cheat meals for 4 weeks. No weight loss what so ever. It claimed at one point I gained a 1kg in a week. Now things to note that. I am currently injecting test cypionate twice a week. 1ML each time. Now and again I take clen. All of the things I am being told to do by a few PTís in the gym. Please note these PTís are body builders and have won various competitions so I assume they should now what they are talking about diet and other things. Other things to note are when I have a few cards my chest and shoulders look miles better. I donít know can I leave it to you guys to give me some advise.

8am Ė 2 scoops of weigh protein

10am Ė handful of dried fruit and nuts

12pm Ė half a tin of tuna and half a tub of cottage cheese with vege

2pm Ė same as above

4pm Ė 2 scoops of weigh

7pm Ė 10 egg white omelette with vege

At the minute I have decided to eat this:

8am Ė 2 scoops weigh protein

10am - handful of nuts and dried fruit

12pm Ė 200g 5% fat mince with vege

2pm Ė 200g chicken with vege

4pm Ė 2 scoops of weigh

7pm Ė 10 egg whites with vege and few roast potatoes.

I would appreciate any advice I can get. I ask the guys at the gym but they just think Iím not sticking to it. But why was the diet so successful last year but it not now? Also I have had my thyroid checked and I havenít got underactive one thankfully.