So I have been on a fat-loss journey since April 2018, starting at 104 kilos (230 lbs) . Roughly between then and July 2018, I lost 14 kilos (31 lbs).

Then, I did not work-out in any form for 6 weeks, till mid-September. Between mid-September and end-December 2018, I lost another 9 kilos (20 lbs). In this phase, there were some weeks where I could not work out because of work-reasons.

Through both these phases, I took in between 1800 and 1900 calories a day (depending on whether it was a cardio day or a resistance day). My macros were 44P 33F and 22C. In both phases, I used the same work-out plan, 3 days 5x5, 2 days cardio, rest day on Wednesday. In both phases, I lost an 0.8 (1.76 lb) kilos a week.

Atm, I take in an average of 1866 calories day. My TDEE is somewhere around 2600/2800 calories. That means I am at a deficit of above 500 cals. Why am I not losing fat/weight?

After another 6 week break, I recommenced in the end of February 2019, with a goal of losing another 22 lbs. However, after having lost weight (0.8 kilos) in my first week, I have not lost any for the past 3 weeks. The scale has remained almost steady at 81kgs/178 lbs (80.6 is the lowest it has come to). I am eating the same amount of calories, with the same macros, as the last 2 phases.

Have I hit a weight loss plateau? I know with long periods of weight loss, the body's metabolism slows down and you cannot lose anymore weight with the same levels of calorie intake. However, this seems a bit strange to me since I had a 6 week break of eating all kinds of junk before I began phase 3. This should have prevented loss of metabolism, right? Secondly, phase 2 had the same levels of weekly weight-loss as phase 1, with the same food intake.

I have been under some stress owing to work, so have not been sleeping so well. Could it be a cortisol issue?
If this is a plateau, how can I overcome it? I am thinking of stopping work-outs for a week of just eating whatever I want and how much ever I want, rather than work-out at maintenance levels…what else can I do?

Looking forward to your thoughts!