I have been lifting for about 1.5 years and I will be done with my cut after this month. I will be following Steve Shaw's 4 Day Max Mass program but it will be a significant increase in volume. Just a quick question about the transition:

Should I decrease the weights for exercises slightly so I could reach the rep ranges in this program? Since I have been cutting, I have dropped my rep count (especially the bench) to around 5-6 reps per set. I read that maintaining the same weights is best for cuts to maintain muscles. So when I start this program, do you recommend me keeping the weights but working up to the rep range even though right now I am in the rep range for strength? Or Should I drop the weights slightly to reach the hypertrophy rep range? My main goal is hypertrophy and not so much strength.

Also, I am hesitant on trying to deadlift again after herniating my back. Any words of advice? Should I just not even deadlift and play it safe?