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Thread: HIIT Training

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    Default HIIT Training

    Nowadays the HIIT Training is highly trending. These workouts session is best for the people who are looking to lose some weight.The idea behind the workout use the 100 % capacity of the body for short period of time, in this way you lose some more weight.

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    Yep HIIT is excellent I was 18 stone and 6'3" tall. I started HIIT a 15 min workout split into high knees, mountain climbers, and burpees with 30 second rest periods. You must push to do as many as you you can in the time before rest. You sweat like hello so take on fluids regular. The first time I felt physically sick but kept at it every other day I soon got fitter and the weight came off until I am at 14 stone 8 pounds. My goal is 14 stone. I am then going to start weight training. I do some at the moment just curling and only 15kg on dumbbells x 15 or 20 reps. Not sure if that's good or bad maybe let me now. I'm 53 by the way.



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