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    Default Post Workout - Most Important Things For Middle Age Muscle Building?

    I'm interested in opinions from either fellow middle age (40-60 yo) men with a long history or strength training or even better, trainers or dieticians with long-term experience working with middle age clients.

    The objective is maximizing muscle hypertrophy efficiency. I know there are many many aspects to it. I'm asking people to "take a step" back from the nitty gritty details and answer this question...

    What's the three (ranked in order of importance) most important post-workout goals or activites or whatever you want ot call them regarding maximizing muscle hypertrophy for middle aged men? What should be the goals of those top 3? And which of those three is probably the most common goal your average person (not a 'Gym Rat' or Body building enthusiast or Pro) doesn't meet on a consistent basis? I'll start by throwing out what in my lay knowledge is some likely candidates...

    1. Sufficient calorie intake (I'd guess just enough to keep your body out of a catabolic state, maybe +10% over your 'break even' calories for your daily activity levels?)

    2. Sufficient protein intake (I quite commonly hear 1g for each lbs of body weight - some say less is adequate)

    3. Sleep (8 hours?)

    Out of those three, I would venture to guess, #3 is the most likely activity that the optimal amount is not met.

    Again, top 3 only. This will drive some of you crazy to limit it to three as we all know there are lots of other things. But lets limit it to what you think are the top 3 that have the most effect for the sake of this particular discussion.

    And let's not get into WHY I'm asking the question, and other tangential subjects that people so often like to go off on.

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    1.Research suggests there’s a 45-minute window after workouts when muscles will take in higher amounts of nutrients. Miss this opportunity, and recovery and muscle growth will be compromised.

    That short post-workout window doesn’t refer to when you consume nutrients; it refers to when those nutrients get to your muscles. The only protein fast enough for the job is whey. That’s one reason it’s always good to finish with a whey shake.

    Research shows that while whey spikes muscle protein synthesis, adding casein keeps it going for longer and further enhances muscle growth. A good option is to look for a protein powder that already combines whey and casein.

    Weight training alone don't use up a huge amount of calories most of those calories are put back with your typical post workout shakes and the extra effort most go thru to eat enough protein. caution on the extra protein, the recommended daily amount for the average adult ( non weight lifter) is 0.8 grams of protein per kilogram (or 0.4-0.5 grams per pound). This puts us around 46 grams a day for the average woman and 56 grams a day the average man.

    For Weight lifters: The researchers pooled the results of 49 trials, covering a total of 1,863 people.

    After crunching the numbers, they came to the conclusion that eating more than 1.6 grams of protein per kilogram of bodyweight (roughly 0.7 grams per pound) isn’t going to help you build muscle any faster.

    2. Water, staying hydrated enough. Got to have that fluid to transport everything.

    3 Sleep



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