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Thread: Meal plan

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    Default Meal plan


    My plan is gain weight and muscle and I tried to do my own meal plan. I tried to count my calories and protein. Maybe someone can check it and say is it okay.

    Current weight is: 154 pounds
    Goal: +170 pounds
    Height: 5.9
    Age: 20

    My eating plan:
    __________________________________________________ ___________________________
    1) Protein shake(20g protein / 100cal) with milk (8g protein/ 155cal)
    2) Corn flakes (7g protein / 399cal) with milk (8g protein/ 155cal)

    1) 2 eggs (26g protein / 244cal)
    2) Protein shake(20g protein / 100cal) with milk (8g protein/ 155cal)

    1) Not sure what I eat usually potatoes with meat or macaroni - depends what mom makes. So ye I think there should be okay ammount of calories and protein

    1) 2 tortillas - I made them myseld and I calculated that with 2 of them I should get about 400 cal and 30g protein.
    __________________________________________________ __________________

    If I calculate my morning + lucn + evening 2 = I get 1700 cal and 127,1g protein. Plus my evening where I hope to get my 13g protein and 300cal. Maybe I eat some sweet to get extra calories coz im pretty skinny and I think little ammount of sweet dont do bad.

    But is my plan okay and safe? or maybe to much milk or what do you think?

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    Thank you so much for such a post! I drink a protein shake in the morning too, it makes my day start better. I use vegan protein, it's better in composition and price, looks great, would be interesting to hear more opinions from those who have tried it as well. Do you count your calories?



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