My plan is gain weight and muscle and I tried to do my own meal plan. I tried to count my calories and protein. Maybe someone can check it and say is it okay.

Current weight is: 154 pounds
Goal: +170 pounds
Height: 5.9
Age: 20

My eating plan:
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1) Protein shake(20g protein / 100cal) with milk (8g protein/ 155cal)
2) Corn flakes (7g protein / 399cal) with milk (8g protein/ 155cal)

1) 2 eggs (26g protein / 244cal)
2) Protein shake(20g protein / 100cal) with milk (8g protein/ 155cal)

1) Not sure what I eat usually potatoes with meat or macaroni - depends what mom makes. So ye I think there should be okay ammount of calories and protein

1) 2 tortillas - I made them myseld and I calculated that with 2 of them I should get about 400 cal and 30g protein.
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If I calculate my morning + lucn + evening 2 = I get 1700 cal and 127,1g protein. Plus my evening where I hope to get my 13g protein and 300cal. Maybe I eat some sweet to get extra calories coz im pretty skinny and I think little ammount of sweet dont do bad.

But is my plan okay and safe? or maybe to much milk or what do you think?