Hey guys Iíve been lurking around and just wanted to share what an actual 18 month natural transformation looks like. So I never touched a barbell until freshman year of college. I actually went like 7 days a week for like a year and it was even a struggle to talk myself down to 6 days a week haha. Rest is super important but I was truly addicted with the process. What I learned being a noobie was:

Fitness is long run no need to try and deadlift PR today, learned this the hard way after snapping my back with catlike deadlift form, youíll find nobody cares that you deadlifted 3 plates for the first time this week or next month.

Rest. When I was going 7 days a week I wasnít really getting bigger just more ďtonedĒ. It was only when I started thinking of my workouts as training rather than exercise that I learned to manage my fatigue.

EAT. Cutting fat is A LOT easier than gaining muscle. No point in wasting your precious noobie years over fat gain. For me I wasnít purposely cutting I just couldnít stomach 3000+ calories.

Strength comes first, size comes later. Trust me if you get stronger in the bench, squat, and deadlift you WILL get bigger. For the most part, if someoneís body is capable of benching 225 it will look a certain way compared to someone who is capable of benching 135.

Anyways as for me Iíll be focusing on getting into the 1000 pounds club. Have fun guys!