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    Default A guy at the gym initiating strange conversation with another guy there

    I saw this scenario at the gym earlier today, and I found it a bit interesting - I would like some help from you to understand it.

    There was a guy (I'll just call him "X") who seemed really impressed by another guy (let's call him "Y"), and he was watching him perform Deadlifts for a while.
    Then X walked up to him and greeted him with a silent and slightly drawn out "hiii" and sounded a bit nervous.
    I would guess that maybe he was intimidated by him, since X was probably about 5'8 and slender, whereas Y must have been about 6'9, and with a significantly more muscular and powerful build than X (X also looked like he was about 18, and Y was probably 25 or so).
    Either way, X continued to ask about Y's weights, and wondered how much they were - it turned out that Y was lifting a total of about 660 lbs, and when X heard this his eyes got wide for a brief moment and expressed some sort of combination of fear and great awe, and he exclaimed "660 lbs?! wow", and Y then asked him how much he lifted himself and I think he said that he managed one lift at 150 lbs, and seemed both embarrassed and amused by this, after hearing about Y's weights.
    Y just nodded and smiled a bit and said "okay", and then X continued to ask him how long he had trained, and apparently Y had trained for 2 years, about as long as X himself.
    Then X said something like "I can tell that you have been training a lot" and seemed to look at his upper body for a brief moment, always with a slight smile.
    Then after some more small talk X said that he had to leave, and he said "maybe we will meet again, Y" and smiled with his mouth closed.

    What do you think was happening there?
    And how would you react to it?
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    Personally I don't listen to what others are saying or doing in the gym, people go to the gym to train, maybe converse a bit between sets, then go home. ;-)

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