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    Default Lose weight/gain muscle

    28. 6’1”. 205lbs just got into working out.
    I work out at a planet fitness used to weigh 265 at heaviest and lost weight by simply diet and exercise. Looking to put lean muscle on while still rid my body of stubborn chest and belly fat. I need tips on diet plan to help accomplish. I try to eat as much protein as possible, moderate carb, and low fat but I struggle eating the 1g protein per lb. I simply cannot get myself to eat that much. Everything I eat is good clean sources of nutrients and just started a few weeks back. I’ve noticed a change in body thus far but need some tips. My work out consists of lighter to med weight with reps in the 10-12 and sets of 4. Not looking to get big but just look good. I incorporate 10-20 mins of cardio after each workout session. I do drink a protein shake after each work out and typically follow that up with a meal within the 1-2 hr mark. Opinions and suggestions? Please!

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    Try to eat three main meals per day, and include some "snacks" in between your main meals

    In the link below you will see some examples of snacks

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