Hello all, I've been working out lifting weights for the past 7 years. My goal mainly is to shred belly fat and have a toned body (muscle shape). Not looking to get BIG.

I'm 27, 170cm and 64kg with around 16% body fat. (been on this weight for a long time).
I noticed my best whenever i workout with trainers. I used to workout 2 muscle groups per day (e.g. Chest/Tric) but i know that gives too much rest time on the muscle.

I eat clean. All grilled. I aim to get at least 2,400 calories, when i used to track.

I just quit my gym membership, and building my gym at home since im starting with a trainer next month.

For now, my goal is:

1) To find the best workout routine for a month
2) Be able to shred belly fat (its what has been annoying me the most)
3) have a toned/defined muscle look

Lately, I've been enjoying HIIT crossfit style workouts with minimal equipments (dumbells, kettlebells, battleropes, Heavy bag boxing)

Since im limited with machinery at home, I've downloaded a Sworkit app and kind of did a custom routine workout including a split workout with Dumbells and Bodyweight every other day for 20-25 mins each session. It's quite intense. I don;t have much time since i work from 8-5 (dead after work) so I usually do my workouts at 6:30 am

Below is my current plan to follow. It is high intensity, 5 exercises of 30 seconds each, a 30 second break and back again for 20 mins non stop.

Any advice? or a different split workout. Again, my goal is just to get ripped/defined/and most important get rid of that belly as fast as I can in 2 months.

Thank you