Nutrex EAA+ Hydration Blood Orange Review


Blood Orange - Nutrex EAA + Hydration reminds me of Tang when in reference to blood orange. The best way to recognize this product is by taking a small combination of Orange with a hint of citrus in the aftertaste. The density of the orange is paired very well with a lingering raspberry that trickles on your taste buds in the aftertaste. For those who have a sweet tooth or like a luscious orange this is going to be killer for you. If you have ever had Xtend in Blood Orange this is a very good replica of that product. Nutrex is great with their flavoring; they just do not get the recognition they deserve as a sleeper brand in the industry.


I used 14-16 oz. of water and 1 scoop to mix EAA+ Hydration. Usually, with a larger scoop size, there is a higher possibility of clumping and particles floating around after shaking. There was no foaming or issues with mixing the product. After 10 shakes this was totally dissolved. Nutrex is very good with mixability across the board on all of their products.


Per Scoop:
- 8g EAA’s/BCAA Complex (3g Leucine)
- 1g Taurine (Hydration & Recovery)
- 345mg Calci-K (Hydration & Recovery)
- 100mg Raw Coconut Water Concentrate (Hydration)
- 50mg Astragin (Improves Nutrient Uptake)

Nutrex went with a very straightforward BCAA/EAA Complex that contains 6g of BCAA in a 2:1:1 Ratio (3g Leucine) and 2g of EAA’s. The combination of both gives you the best of both worlds and the essential amino acids needed to properly stimulate MPS to the largest degree. Since the body does not synthesize EAA’s we need to get them through food or supplements. The added hydration complex is great for intra-workout when the body is losing minerals and vitamins. I am a huge fan of added astragin, which improved amino acid uptake.

Currently, you can get Nutrex EAA+ Hydration for $23 with a large metal shaker. That is under $1 a serving for a well-dosed ingredient profile. These retail right around $30 from multiple sources and I would have no issue paying that with how well the product tastes and what you get out of a very cost effective EAA/BCAA + Hydration formula.