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    Default Beginner trying to build muscle fast routine

    Okay. I've just starting working out about 2 weeks ago and my routine has been going a little something like this

    Bench Press
    Tricep + Bicep isolation exercise

    Tuesday: Ab routine
    HIIT (sprints sometimes)

    Wednesday: Quick 5 minute HIIT warmup - burpes, mountain climbers
    then Deadlifts

    Bench Press
    Overhead Shoulder press

    Ab routine

    Friday: Squats
    Various back or maybe trap isolation exercises

    Saturday: Run and then maybe some isolation exercises, biceps+triceps most likely or maybe lats. Rest and cheat day if I end up going out


    If a text is bolded, it is the main exercise I am doing. Everything else on that day is just supplementary. Building a workout routine can be a bit confusing, so if you got any tweaks or advice, please let me know

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    hmmm the first thing I want to say is ditch the Build muscle fast mentality. It will only discourage you down the road. Instead focus on making the next workout better than the last one. That creates progress. Building a routine is easy but than again I remember when I was new to working out and it seemed very hard to create one lol.

    Here is what I suggest as a routine. ( Creating a 5 day split since that is what you almost have for yourself already. )

    1. Chest and Triceps Day
    2. Cardio Day
    3. Back and Biceps Day
    4. Shoulders/Traps/Abs Day
    5. Leg Day
    6. Rest
    7. Rest

    - Your a beginner, so you should focus on doing compound exercises first. Compound exercises work multiple muscles in a single exercise. One pitfall i see in your current routine is that you are doing bench presses and dead lifts more than once a week. So change that to only once a week. Try to do 4 exercises for the major muscle and 3 for the minor muscles for each day. For example on Day 1, you would do 4 chest exercises and 3 Triceps exercises. Which is a total of 7 exercises.

    - Focus on perfecting the correct form, not the weight you are doing. So push yourself to the limit but only with correct form. I would love to create a workout template for you but that is only if you want me to.



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