Exercise is a great thing; it does to the body what study does to the mind. When you study, you have to research and understand the right subjects to get the best out of studying. It is the same with exercise; you need to make sure you are doing the right exercises to achieve the needed Fitness South results.

First you need to figure out what you want from your workouts at Miami Beach Outdoor Gym. Do you want to build up stamina, increase your muscle mass or simply lose weight? The answer to this question will send you down different paths for your exercise routine, which is why it is so crucial.

Weight Loss

If weight loss is your goal, well if you are expecting to find some lost or hidden gem on the right exercise to do you are reading the wrong article. The reason is to lose weight you simply have to lose more calories than you take in. Which effectively means almost any manual task can result in weight loss. So if you are just starting out then walking, running or riding a bike will do and you should also look for Pal Gym Miami Beach. You must know though that cardio exercises or exercises that increase your heart rate tend to do a better job than strength training of losing weight.

Increasing your stamina

If your purpose for going to The Gym Fitness Center is to increase your endurance or stamina then you are in for an intense workout. Normally persons with this goal have already actively training in some form or the other. You can be a novice at workout programmes and have this goal though but you would first have to achieve some base lines first. Stamina exercise routines require that you take shorter breaks between intervals and mix cardio and strength training at Best Gym Classes. The exercises can be intense and fast paced. You should also remember that with stamina training you cannot settle into a routine exercise. You need to constantly keep changing your exercise schedule to increase your endurance. If you keep at it you may find yourself running 5ks instead of walking them.

Strength training

This is for persons looking to tone or increase muscle mass. Like stamina training it can be strenuous. As said earlier it is not ideal for weight loss though it can have that effect. The reason for this is the primary idea behind strength training is to increase your body mass. At first when you start you will realize you are losing weight but, this is only fat. Once you keep lifting weights you will notice that you will gradually be putting on weight. Not to worry though because this is actually muscle and not fat. Strength training is done by lifting weights, what weights you use is between you and your trainer. You can use free weights, weight machines or your own body mass. As their many different muscles in your body there are several different types of exercises for each muscle group. Once you decide on which one you want to focus on then you will find exercises that focus on that muscle or group of muscles.