Primeval Labs Mega Pre Red Review


Strawberry Pineapple – The second the flavor hits your tongue it gives you a good mix of both flavors. The strawberry is the dominant flavor, but not by much. The ripeness and sweetness of the fruit are captured, but you are still left with a refreshing pineapple flavor. The ratio of flavors is in a 60/40 mix with a slight edge to the strawberry. Primeval Labs does a good job of giving you exactly what is on the label and this is definitely a great tasting product. They did a good job improving the flavoring from Mega Pre Black.

Sometimes pump products that contain ingredients that attract heat and moisture can clump very easy. To my surprise when I mixed up mega pre red I had no issues. I used 1 Scoop in 8-10oz of water. I prefer to dilute my supplements and I still found the flavor to be strong and refreshing.


Per (2 Scoops):
6g Citrulline (Pump / Prevent Lactic Acid Build up / Performance)
3.2g Beta Alanine (Performance, Endurance)
3g Betaine (Cellular Electrolyte Concentration, Hydration)
2g Choline (Nootropic to aid focus/mood)
2g L-Taurine (Recovery, Improve Glucose Cardiovascular Health, Antioxidant)
400mg Alpha GPC (Enhance Choline, Brain Function, and Muscle Control)
350mg Caffeine (Stimulant)
68mg Dicaffeine Malate (Enhance Stimulant and Caffeine Half-Life)
100mcg Toothed Clubmoss (Nootropic to aid focus)


This product may run for $45 on their main webpage, but they always have 25% off coupon codes. I have seen it on BOGO and added for Free on their 4th of July Promotions. This is one of the most cost-effective pre-workouts when on sale. You have to remember what you are getting in this product is fully transparent. Primeval Labs is no stranger to great tasting products and when they reformulated Mega Pre Black that was a huge highlight.

-Price on sale is a very good buy
- Open Label
- Strong and refreshing flavor
- Can Half Dose the Stim in conjunction with Mega Pre White for a stronger pump and lower stim alternative.

- Maybe too strong at 2 scoops for some (400mg Caffeine)