Primeval Labs Cinnamon Milk Isolit


Cinnamon Milk – Right away the initial flavor is the pure milk taste you get when cereal sits in a bowl of milk for a prolonged period of time. That is soon complimented by the cinnamon flavor as indicated on the label. The milk is the dominating factor with the cinnamon being the aftertaste. Primeval Labs found the happy medium to give you the best of both worlds in a very refreshing and tasty way. If you are hesitant on the cinnamon being too strong or too sweet that is not the case. This will be your choice among other cinnamon based protein powders and my favorite flavor off the Isolit lineup.


1. Cinnamon Milk
2. Pumpkin Pie
3. Vanilla
4. Chocolate


Isolit is a pure isolate protein powder. The texture of the powder is very thin and mixes upon touching the liquid. Given the makeup of the profile it mixes thicker than I expected. The main reason could be the added Xanthan Gum. I found 6-8oz to be a sweet spot to capture the flavor of the protein powder.

I also enjoy mixing protein powder into Greek Yogurt. I mix 1 scoop of Isolit into 6oz of Greek yogurt and found it to have no issues when stirred with a spoon.


ISOLIT is a 100% pure whey protein isolate protein powder that mixes easily and tastes absolutely delicious. ISOLIT is derived from exceptionally high-quality milk, and by using only whey protein isolate, we’ve maximized protein content per scoop while limiting carbohydrates and fat.

Per Scoop:
~130 Calories
2-3g Fat
2-3g Carbs
25-26g Protein
Digseb Plus → Digestive Enzyme Blend


Primeval Labs Isolit retails around $40 for a 2lb tub. This is not including coupons and discounts you can find from online retailers. Given Primeval Labs track record on flavoring you are dealing with a high quality WPI protein powder. This is one of those products of you get what you pay for. The company is exceptional at flavoring, and this carries over into their protein powder just like EAA Max, Mega Pre, Mega Pre Red, and the rest of their line-up. The added digestive enzyme causes no bloat and goes down very easy that is just the icing on the cake to prevent bloating or GI issues.