MFit Havoc Performance Pre-Workout Review


Sour Watermelon - When I first sipped this product you get a refreshing watermelon right out of the gate. That is soon welcomed by a sour aftertaste making the flavor true to its name. While this is not a jolly rancher watermelon it is still a very dense flavor that will pack a punch. I do enjoy the extra tartness from the watermelon to give this an extra kick of flavor. Overall I like the flavor, but it is not something that will absolutely wow you. This is a flavor you can sip on and truly enjoy prior to a workout, this is nothing you have to slam back.

I used 12-14oz of water and 1 sample pack (22g) to mix the pre-workout. Usually with a larger scoop size there is a higher possibility of clumping and particles floating around after shaking. The liquid did start to foam, which died down after about 5 minutes. What you can do to help combat this was mix the pre-workout the night before and leave in my fridge. Upon waking there should be no clumping, and no particles left at the bottom of the shaker and it mixed flawlessly. If you mix this just before you workout expect to see some foam or some particles floating around your shaker cup due to the large serving size of the activate ingredients


Per Serving:

Electrolytes (Performance/Endurance)
8g L-Citrulline Malate (Pumps, Delay Lactic Acid Build Up)
3.5g Beta-Alanine (Full Dose for Performance/Performance)
2.5g Creatine Mono (Performance, endurance, recovery, strength)
1g Beet Root Powder (Pumps)
1g Agmatine (Pump/Nutrient Partitioning)
1g Watermelon Fruit Powder (Antioxidant for Muscle Recovery)
250mg Alpha GPC ( Brain Function, Mood)
200mg Caffeine (Stimulant)
35mg L-Theanine (Enhance Caffeine Half-Life)

Workout Reaction

Pre-Workout Meal 90 minutes prior to workout (50g Protein, 60g Carbs)
Pre Dosed 15 minutes prior to workout

Training has been a PPL split with the option of 4-6 days of training a week pending recovery and volume. This workout was a back and biceps workout that I performed with a partner. The benefit of having the partner is intensity techniques that are hard to do on your own.

The workout outline started with doing low cable rows. I worked up to a top set of 10 reps and then performed a rest pause set. During the rest pause set I could feel the pumps coming on and my energy streaming from the pre-workout. Nothing stuck out this early into the workout since it is only a few warm-up sets before an all out set to failure.

Second Exercise was Banded Chin-Ups to failure (2 sets). This is when I felt the pump start to kick in. The key here is to relax your forearms and drive with your elbows and keeping your sternum upright to help prevent overlap onto secondary muscles. I could feel the lactic acid build up, but it did not prevent me from repping out some extra forced reps with someone pushing my feet up.

3rd exercise was dumbbell rows. I like to do rows off a bench resting one arm on the top of a chair so I prevent extra momentum, swing, and hip drive. This helps me focus on releasing my scapula, pausing, and using nothing but my elbow to drive the weight. By my 3rd exercise I was hitting 3 straight sets of 8 reps. My energy has not dropped a bit, my pumps were getting better, and my recovery was on par. By my 3rd set I could tell my rest periods were cut down just a touch, but not much compared to other pre-workouts I have used.

I finished the workout with a burnout set of banded hyperextensions, and once I hit failure I dropped the band and hit failure again during a dropset. Just the first set had my back crippled and super tight. What I like about this pre-workout is the Theanine dose is low. Yes it is an ingredient to help extend caffeine half life, but I notice if Theanine is too high it makes me tired, and it delays the pre-workout form kicking in. When you get 200-300mg L-Theanine it may take 45-60 minutes for me to feel the caffeine and stimulants hit me. I am a HUGE fan of the caffeine being 200mg as I do not like stim bombs, and they make me extra shaky during training, and I can crash with a higher stim intake. I try to limit my stims year round and this is a very good sweet spot.

While lit is hard to give a true rating off one pre-workout sample. I was very pleased with what I experienced during this single workout.