Nutrex Alpha Pump


Phantom Grape – The flavoring is refreshing, and not over the top sweet. The brand decided to make a bold tasting grape, which reminded me of Grape Kool-Aid Burst to go drinkables. I use to drink these non-stop a young kid when I was growing up. While this is not as dense as a Welch’s Grape Juice this still packs a ton of flavor to leave a very long-lasting and lingering aftertaste on your taste buds. Nutrex is known for great flavoring and this is yet another great addition to the lineup of supplements.


I mixed 1 scoop (8.8g) in 8oz of water. After 10-15 shakes this was dissolved. Due to the fact pump ingredients can cause clumping I did not pick up on any of that with the Nutrex product. I have used a lot of their Outlift pre-workouts in the past, and even with larger scoop sizes they mixed with ease


1g Peak02 (Increase V02 Max, Endurance, and Oxygen Uptake)
1g GlycerSize Glycerol Powder (Improved Pumps, Endurance, and Performance)
300mg NooGadha Organic Ashwagandha (Lower Cortisol, Improve Mood, Decrease Fatigue)
300mg Vaso6 Green Tea Extract (Improve Pumps, Blood Flow, and Nitric Oxide Abilities)
50mg S7 (Increase Nitric Oxide Production)
Natural Minerals Sodium & Potassium (Electrolytes for Hydration & Muscular Contractions)


$29.99 for 20 Servings ($1.50 / Serving). This product is still fresh off the press, so I expect the price to lower when it hits other additional retailers.