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Thread: Is my diet OK?

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    Default Is my diet OK?

    So just under three months ago I started with a personal trainer to build muscle and tone my body (because I have had anorexia in the past and instead of losing weight I am building muscle and toning up) but after three months I haven't noticed any difference at all, except for a bit of muscle in my calves. I have a lot of fat around my thighs but I can't lose weight because that would mean I would be underweight so I've got to build muscle but if anything I just seem go be getting fattier? And I wondered if it could be what I eat. I am on a rough meal plan (from my dietician when I was in hospital) and I am vegan. This is what I might eat in a day:

    Breakfast: Usually 1/2 cup of oats with 1/2 cup of almond milk, a tablespoon of nuts or nut butter, a heaped tsp of pea protein powder, and a piece of fruit. OR one slice of wholewheat toast with 2 tbsp of nut butter or hummus and a piece of fruit.

    Snack: Piece of fruit and 50g nuts (I know, it's a lot).

    Lunch: I make a massive salad with about 1/4 cup (dried) of grains or some sweet/normal potato, a rough portion of beans or pulses, and loads of veg, and with a dressing made of tahini/nut butter/hummus.
    And a Nakd bar for dessert (I have to have dessert and fruit doesn't have enough calories for my meal plan).

    Snack: Piece of fruit and 1 Ryvita with 30g of hummus OR piece of fruit and a Trek/Tribe/Primal Pantry bar.

    Dinner: Literally could be anything, but I don't eat fried foods or really salty or sugary things, and I always make sure there is plenty of protein, carbs, and veg.
    Again, I have to have dessert, which is usually 35g of 85% dark chocolate, though I've been eating some unhealthier chocolate recently that I bought on holiday.

    Supper: Piece of fruit and 25g (I think, my parents weigh it out) of either popcorn or PopChips.

    I know it's not bodybuilder standard but I can't stop eating the chocolate/PopChips/popcorn because my parents would get angry at me and tell me I'm becoming orthorexic and not eating enough 😒. And they might stop me going to the gym because of that. Can I do anything to improve my diet so that I can become leaner and not so 'skinny fat'? I go to the gym four times a week and have three different sessions; one based around deadlifts, one based around bench press, and one based around squats (I have to admit most of the time I do the squat session because my legs really need toning up).

    Any advice/info about my diet and exercise would be much appreciated.

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    Ideally use a calorie counter website that will help you calculate your food intake
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