Repp Sports Raze Energy Voodoo Review


Voodoo – Upon reading the name I was stumped at what I was about to taste. When I first opened the can you can smell a distinct orange soda smell, which then led me to believe that is what the flavor was. Upon my very first sip, you get a refreshing and zesty orange flavor. Now, this is not like a true diet Fanta or Sunkist beverage, but a bit different. The unique base flavor is complimented with the correct amount of richness to give you a balanced and enticing orange soda spin-off. For those who like orange-flavored beverages, this will be a very enjoyable flavor. What I like about Raze is how the lightly carbonated beverage helps enhance the flavor. Overall I am very pleased, and this is a top flavor over a lot of the original ones they have produced.


~300mg Caffeine
Hydration Matrix – Taurine & Potassium Citrate
Performance Blend – Betaine (Hydration & Cellular Concentration)
LCLT (Recovery)
BCAA’s (Additional Free Form Amino Acids)
Focus Matrix – L-Tyrosine, Choline, Alpha GPC (Nootropics for cognitive enhancement and mental clarity)

1. Sour Gummy Worms
2. Galaxy Burst
3. Apollo
4. Voodoo
5. Phantom Freeze
6. Grape Bubblegum
7. Guava Mango
8. Watermelon Frost
9. Strawberry Colada