HPS Inertia Fat Burner Review

** All products have no artificial dyes**
** Strawberry Kiwi is 100% Naturally Flavored **

Sweet & Sour Candy This is a very unique flavor. As I drank this sample I had a hard time matching what kind of candy matches the flavor. At first I felt a starburst flavor, but it was too dull to match the sweetness of the real candy. The more I drank the sample I got a resemblance of dots and mike and Ike candy. There is a variety of flavors that do hit your taste buds, which makes it hard to pinpoint right away what the real actual flavor is. If you like trying something that is different, and has an array of flavors this will be your cup of tea. I personally thought it was the best of the three flavors, but I still have a hard time trying to truly put my finger on an exact word or candy that it replicates. This would be my choice if I were going to purchase a tub of the product of the three flavors I sampled.

Strawberry Kiwi This flavor has no artificial colors or dyes and is 100% Natural. Due to this the flavor is mellow, and there is a slight bitter aftertaste, which is from the sweetener used in Stevia. The strawberry is light, and the kiwi is a mere aftertaste to the flavored powder, but you get the best of both worlds. For those who want an all-natural product this is pretty darn good considering how it is made. For those who are not prone to a naturally flavored product I would opt for the other two options currently on the HPS line.

Blueberry Lemonade This is a flavor that has a higher ratio of lemonade to blueberry. Right off the bat go lemonade is refreshing and has a touch of zest in the aftertaste, The blueberry is subtle, but the best part is there is nothing artificial about it. Personally I would like to see a much stronger blueberry presence in this flavor to match the name to the taste. If you are die-hard lemon fan and love lemonade you will find this flavor extremely refreshing. If you were looking for more blueberry you may be letdown by the ratio of the flavors..


The HPS Fat Burner is very light, and mixes with ease. Upon shaking 5-10 times it is almost fully dissolved. I tried this product with 1 in 8oz of water and each time the taste was strong and pure. On the Mixability level I would give this a huge thumbs up as it was flawless.


Per Scoop:

1g Choline (Nootropic)
750mg HICA (Performance & Recovery)
400mg Green Coffee Bean Extract ( Improve Glucose & Reduce Blood Pressure)
250mg Oolong Tea ( Heart, Brain, Bone, Dental Health. Boost Metabolism)
150mg Caffeine (Stim)
100mg Olive Leaf Extract (Improve Heart Health, Lower blood pressure, support weight management)
100mg Rhodiola Rosea (Decrease Stress, Improve exercise performance)
75mg Eria Jarenis Extract (Improves Dopamine and Noradrenaline for mood, concentration and motivation)
50mg Vanillin (antioxidant)
30mg Higenamine (Nootropic for Mood / Memory)
65mg Dynamine (Enhance Caffeine Half-Life)
25mg N Caffeoldopamine (Aid LBM & Burn Fat)
25mg N coumaryldopaine (Aid LBM & Burn Fat)
25mg Cirsium Oligophyllum (Thermogenic)

Energy & Focus
While using the 3 samples of Inertia I did want to note how the product responded to me testing it in different fashions.

Upon Waking:
Woke up and a sample, and found energy to hit within 2-3 minutes. The sense of energy hits almost immediately. Even though this is 150mg of caffeine you can feel the choline, Eria J, Higenamine, and Dynamine provide a smooth sustained release of caffeine over time. If I were to compare this to an energy drink around 200mg of caffeine I felt this hit as hard and lasted longer.

Pre-workout meal (90 minutes before)
Sample (15 minutes before)

Even with food in my system the effects were noted within 5 minutes. Again the energy hits right away, and then levels off. There is no drop in alertness or focus, but most of all a very long sustained energy from the combination of nootropics that are composed in the formula. I was very impressed with how well I held up during training, but there is not much to offer in regards to pump (which I expected)

Mid-Day pick me up:
Meal 2 (1 PM)
Sample (3PM)
Meal 3 (5:30 PM)

When I dosed the sample in this fashion I felt energy all the way up to my next meal. Again even with food the energy is noted very quickly. It was not even 10 minutes before I could feel the energy and caffeine hit me. This is when the smooth release of caffeine from the cognitive enhancers is felt. For someone who likes to study, or stay alert as an everyday pick me up this would suit the bill. I would start with 1 scoop(Serving) before trying to add more. This is strong.

- Open Label
- Flavoring is refreshing (Blueberry and Sweet & Sour Candy)
- Instant hit of energy at 1 scoop, great for everyday get me up, energy boost, coffee replacement.
- Most will not need to take 2 scoops unless you are a true stim junkie and high caffeine tolerance.
- Strawberry Kiwi is 100% naturally flavored with bitterness in the aftertaste. This may turn some people away who do not want a naturally flavored product.