I now this subject might sound silly to some of you but i can assure this has nothing to do with "trolling".

This year i worked out for a little more than seven month with a focus on my upper body and after a pause i noticed that i was pretty unhappy with the look of my chest.

So recently i completely changed my goal, stopped working out and decided to actively try to lose muscle.

From what i've gathered the three golden rules to achieve that kind of goal are (correct me if i'm wrong) :

1- Eating at a calory deficit

2- Eating less protein (i heard 30 grams per day is not enough to maintain muscle mass so i'm gonna stick with that)

3- Doing plenty of cardio

So i have been doing those three things for almost a month now but i don't see that much of a change (i run two times a week for one hour and i walk almost everyday at least forty minutes).

I'm 22 by the way and pretty skinny so i'm quite certain my problem doesn't have anything to do with fat.

That being said i have two question :

With this "lifestyle" how long will it takes for me to lose most of the muscle mass i gain during this past seven month (i was going to the gym two or three times a week for approximatively two hours) ?

And after i reach that goal does that seem feasible to start working out again but without training my chest so i don't repeat my past mistakes or my body will be too unbalance ?