Bang Energy Miami Cola


Miami Cola – A Miami Cola is labeled as a very sweet combination of cola and cream soda. The Miami Cola beverages are also known to have an orange aftertaste, and some may contain a touch of cherry. When I first popped the can it did smell like a typical cola or Pepsi carbonated beverage. When you pour the energy drink into a glass it does resemble the dark brown color of a soda with a small layer of fizz on top. When I took my first sip the flavor is very pure, crisp, and a deep cola vibe to it. I was looking for the orange and cherry to seep through in the aftertaste, but I never picked up on it. As you know Bang Energy has a luscious sweetness to their flavors, and this one was a replica of cola bottlecap candy. While I was hoping to see a bigger twist come out of this flavor I ended up with a pretty straightforward cola beverage. Not a top tier flavor by any means, but it is an improvement over a previous soda knockoff root beer blaze flavor from the past


~300mg Caffeine
Bang is known as an energy drink or an afternoon pick me up. There is a reason why the formula is not something you would see as a top tier pre-workout. With a long listing blend it is hard to say how much COQ10, EAA”s, and Creatine you are truly getting. For an on the go, and affordable drink the real reason people buy it is for flavor and caffeine.

Top 10 Rankings

1. Cherry Blade Lemonade
2. Sour Heads
3. Frose Rose
4. Cotton Candy
5. Birthday Cake Bash
6. Purple Haze
7. Rainbow Unicorn
8. Bangster Berry
9. Black Cherry Vanilla
10. Purple Guava Pear