Animal Pro Protein Bars Review


Chocolate Berry Crunch The bar is very good for a fruity enhanced chocolate bar. At first bite, there is a combination of milk and dark chocolate, which give it a hybrid flavor that engulfs your taste buds. The rich Hershey like chocolate is paired with bitter dark chocolate. Both chocolate flavors complement each other, and then a subtle triple berry melody seeps into the aftertaste. The blueberry is the dominating flavor from the core bar The last portion of the bar is a glaze that sits right under the chocolate shell. The glaze has a small inclusion of raspberry and strawberry to give you a trifecta of flavors to enhance the chocolate base. Overall this was a very well done bar that took me by surprise.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Crunch What is more American than a chocolate and peanut butter combination? When I first bit into this bar I thought I was eating a jar of peanut butter with how dense the center filling was. The outer shell has a very rich and dense milk chocolate flavor that goes hand in hand with the center. There is a lingering saltiness that compliments the peanut butter to take the flavoring up a notch. With how soft and pure the peanut butter flavoring is it really makes this bar very hard to beat when it comes to peanut butter and chocolate. When you add on the little krispies for a crunchy texture it just completes this bar to make it one of best chocolate peanut butter combinations I have ever had. Highly Recommend.


These protein bars have a fantastic texture to them. The outer layer is thick and crispy but provides a very smooth chocolate flavor. The best part is the center especially in the peanut butter bar, which reminds me of fresh peanut butter filling out of a peanut butter jar. The Chocolate Berry Crunch is brownie-like in texture being very soft, moist, and melts in your mouth. Do not forget the little krispies on top, which enhance the texture with a nice crunch.



Peanut Butter:

Per Bar:
Calories ~ 250
Fat: 8-11g (Higher in PB)
Carbs: 19-26g (Higher in Berry)
20g Protein (Both Bars)

Both flavors are awesome. I am a die-hard peanut butter guy, so that ones gets the edge for me. Even not being a fruity fan the berry flavor is pure, rich, and very true to its name. There is nothing artificial about it with a very dense flavor that compliments the chocolate perfectly.

- Settles easy on the stomach
- Great Texture
- Impressive Flavor
- Possibly the best Peanut Butter protein bar to date.