Campus Protein Pink Burst Fuel


Pink Burst – This flavor is made for October and breast cancer awareness month. When I took my first sip I first thought about galaxy burst Raze, which had a very similar taste. The difference is that fuel has a much denser flavor and longer-lasting aftertaste. Your taste buds are consumed by cherry, lime, lemon, and orange flavors. The overall sweetness is a happy medium where it’s incredibly refreshing, but not overbearing to where it turns a consumer away. I personally enjoy how the luscious flavor is thirst-quenching, refreshing, and provides an everlasting aftertaste. Fuel has always been a very well flavored product, and this is the best flavor launched to date. This is liquid candy!

Ranking of Fuel Flavors:
1) Pink Burst
2) White Frost (White Monster Replica)
3) Sour Watermelon Wedges
4) Baja Breeze (Baja Blast Replica)
5) Lemon Drop
** Remember I am not a big lemon fan, but it is actually very refreshing **


CP Fuel mixes with ease. Just touching the water the powder will start to dissolve. I even mixed with a spoon in water and had nothing stick to the cup. I was amazed at how flawless this does mix. In a blender bottle or shaker bottle you will have no particles floating around or any foaming. This is a huge plus to the product especially if you ware on the go and want to just add it to a water bottle and slug it down.


Creatine Monohydrate 1.5g - Power, Performance, Endurance, Recovery
Beta-Alanine 1.2g - Endurance, Recovery, Delay Fatigue
L-Citrulline is 1g (was 450mg) -- Pump, Nitric Oxide, Prevent Lactic Acid Build Up
Betaine is 750mg (Was 500mg) -- Power and Performance
L-Arginine is 500mg (was 800mg L-Arginine HCL) -- Boosts Nitric Oxide levels
L-Tyrosine is 500mg (was 280mg) -- Cognitive Enhancer for Focus and Mood
DL-Choline Bitartrate is 300mg (was 250mg) -- Cognitive Enhancer for Focus and Mood
Caffeine is 200mg (Baja and White Frost are 250mg as LE Flavors) -- Stimulant
Taurine is 500mg (was 220mg) -- Antioxidant, Recovery, Pumps
L-Norvaline 120mg - Keeps nitric oxide levels high
Huperzine A 2.5mg - Nootropic for mood, energy, and cognitive enhancement


CP Fuel is $27 for 30 servings or $40 for 60 servings. There is a bundle Pack of 2-30 Fuels for $41 to mix and match flavors. Whenever you buy in bulk or a larger product you will get a cheaper cost per serving.

If you are looking for a great tasting energy drink, a study aid, a afternoon pick me up, or coffee replacement that provides good energy this is a worthwhile buy. For nearly 40-60 cents a serving this is a very cost effective product


• Top of the line Taste
• Good Caffeine Kick
• Great Energy
• Transparent Label
• ~ 40-60 cents a scoop, which is great for energy drink replacement, coffee replacement, or everyday get me up