So I am trying to look online for some programs, but people like different stuff so I am trying my luck here. The thing is that I have always trained like the typical muscle-building exercises, but feel I am at a place where I want to try something completely new.

Therefore I was thinking; a combination of strength and functional exercises would maybe be just the thing to try out for a little while.

I am going to start the Massthetics deadlift program. Have done these before and I think they are really good - at least for me.

I have 5 days available a week. So 2 of them will be "reserved" for deadlifting and legs in general. Per session I have about 60-75 minutes.

On the remaining 3 days - does anyone have a good routine for the more functional exercises? The most interesting one I have found is this one. Mostly beacause it still consists of dumbbells and kettlebells - and not to many body-exercises.

Nothing wrong with good ol' push-ups etc., but for me it's just not fun and motivating to do. We also have the weight sled on the turf in my gym - would be really cool to incorporate this as well.

I anyone has anything to recommend or give me some tips on here, it would be very much appreciated.