3D Energy Drink Pink (Cotton Candy)



Pink (Cotton Candy) –The taste of 3D is pure, dense, and packs a solid cotton candy flavor. Unlike C4 Carbonated and Bang this has 20 calories per can, but it tastes like it has a lot more then what you read on the label. Have you ever bought cotton candy fresh from a fair? The sweetness doesn’t fade and stays consistent from first sip into the aftertaste. What is unique about this cotton candy replica is the subtle aftertaste of cake batter. While this threw me off it adds a different element compared to its competition that provides a similar flavor. This is my first 3D energy drink and it will not be my last. If you like sweet carbonated beverage flavors like Cotton Candy, this will be one to add to your bucket list because it is worth every penny.


Caffeine: 200mg per can
o 20 calories per can
• Taurine: (Recovery, Pumps, Performance)
• L-Carnitine Tartrate: (Energy producing amino acid)
• Glucuronolactone (Detoxifier)
• Inositol (Blood sugar control)
• Panax Ginseng Root and Guarana Seed (Energy Boosters)