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    Default Any tips? Also a little introduction! :)

    Just started getting into lifting a few months ago the odd time, naturally i'm considered pretty ****ing lazy and unhealthy but also eat lots and my metabolism has me at a point where i've been around 220-240 pounds for the last 7-8 years almost, i'm almost 24. I've never went to the gym before, but my bro did a little working out as a small teen and i've had these weights for years

    Few months ago

    Weights: 2 20 pound dumbells
    2 bars, one short curled, one long for the small bench press i have that barely fits me properly now haha.
    2x 35 pound disk
    2x 10 pound disk
    2x 5 pound disk

    So for the last few months i decided to just spend some time doing bicep curls and overhead presses, at first i tried lifting 80 pounds with the short long bar thats curled and it was almost impossible to do more than 1-2 overhead presses (i think thats what its called) i was doing a bicep curl first with arms forward and get it to chest, and then pressed straight up, my brother would watch my form but we are both have little to no experience other than youtube.

    I could not bicep curl that once the proper way more than once on a good day if i tried even with swinging my body at the beginning.

    I remember in middle school i used to arm wrestle all the time, i was the 2nd best arm wrestler in the whole school and while there were many that worked out i never worked out, just played games or biked a bit with friends but nothing like pushups or anything to get my arms bigger. I've noticed i was naturally stronger than almost all kids from a young age but it wasnt until i became an adult i realized i'm a weak ass compared to people who actually put time and effort into training but a lot of my buds and brother have always told me i had potential to become huge quick.

    I drink a lot of beer and have a pretty big beer gut, a guy my height at 240 could seem leaner but you can tell i had a lot of fat at first, i'm glad to say i went from 240 to 220 pounds in the last few months with this increase

    Beginning: Best chest to overhead press 80 pounds once, could bicep curl 20 pounds maybe 25-30 times with proper form before i give out

    Today: Best chest to overhead press 110-115 pounds 10-15 times

    Bicep curl the proper way, i can do 115 (long bar) 5 times now, which is incredible for how little i workout, usually at night after a few beers for a short time and not everyday. Also been doing random grip training and a few squats here and there along with pushups, but not really working my chest, shoulders or back as much as i should!

    The 20 pound weights became useless quick, until a few days ago!

    Few days ago

    I just bought a few more things

    2 1 hand dumbell bars so i can put disks on them to do one handed curls in case i want to see my max

    4x 10 pound disks

    2x 5 pound disks

    My goal was to get home and see if i can bicep curl 50 pounds with 1 arm, because that was my goal for a long time and i've seen my big highschool buddies always brag about it lol (i understand bicep is more for looks and isn't what i should be focused on, but its a stupid thing i've thought about since i was a kid and never got over wanting to having bigger biceps, thats why im focusing a lot on other muscles now and want tips on what to do)

    For the last 2 weeks i've been eating healthier, watching my diet, still drinking beer and smoking more weed than i ever have in my life since croptober came around, especially before workouts.

    I can have a solid 3-5 rep session doing various workouts now and not even feel sore the next day, i think this is good because feeling sore seems to just slow me down, a little sore is okay every now and then i think but ive pushed myself too hard when i first started working out or took 1-2 month breaks and started again hard.

    So i decided to work on a PB bicep curl with one arm, good form. I warmed up like i read you should and even started with the 20 pounds that once felt heavy and now feel like feathers (incredible feeling)

    got to the 50, lifting it up felt a little too easy, then i got ready, i did a bicep curl no problem.. Right away i go this is way too easy, i'm going for 70.. Thats probably not the best idea but i decided **** it lets do this.

    I realized i had room for the 2 2.5 pound little disks i have, so this became 75 pounds. Incredibly i'm not sure how much i cheated here but with proper good form, back straight i don't think i can do it yet haha but by swinging it i managed to get it up, turn it and then do a overhead press! The way i looked while doing it was probably brutal, i'm sure a lot of experts would shake their head but the point is, it got up and nothing in my body felt like it hurt, only my arm was very shaky and it seemed pretty hard to balance getting it over my head.

    That was my right arm, its my strong arm... Now time for my left, i tried once, felt like i needed a bigger swing and body movement for this one so i went even crazier and just BARELY made it up, when i went for the overhead press i did it as well!!! Only problem was it was so shaky and i had no spotter on the way down it almost hit my head... Thats when i realized wow, i gotta not do stupid **** like this anymore.. Only time i'll ever do that again is working my way up slowly until i feel im getting close to my arm not being able to bring the weight down good. (I can't drop my weights in the house so i have to slowly bring it down, thats the ****ty part haha)

    Not sure if swinging like a maniac counts but somehow i got 75 with 1 arm, to my chest, and over my head. I randomly went in the mirror and looked at my body and flexed for the first time in months, wow... I can't believe what i saw, for years i've always been self concious about how fat and flabby my arms look, when i flexed you wouldnt see a different because there was no muscle and too much fat. it was just a straight flab..

    This may not seem much to some, but to me its huge and i feel great. Seeing results like this pumped me up so much and for the last week I've been watching my diet, drinking less, and working out every day, and trying a lot more new workouts. I'm finding something most already probably know, when you start working out different muscles man do they get sore quicker than others eh! I learned to take it easy and slowly work other groups instead of getting to the point of being sore and sticking with light to heavyish weights for most workouts and trying a max every few days.

    Thanks for reading, not sure if this was interesting to anyone or not i just had a bunch of whiskey with the buds celebrating his new job so i am a little hammered and don't know how i sound but **** it eh hope everyone has a great friday! =)

    Any tips for someone like me looking to stay big, lose my beer gut but i dont need to be very lean, would want more veins popping out, i still dont have any on my arm that stick out, a strongman type body is something i look for, i don't need abs but i dont want much fat around my stomach, i want a strong core. How important is cardio for strength? I know i need to start doing cardio i suck at hiking..

    Pics of me, May look like i don't have man boobs but trust me i have some titties if i bend the right way, i really want to make getting rid of my man boobs a priority at this point because my arms are starting to actually have curves for once, will be taking more pics in the future and showing you guys my true body if you enjoy this..

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Also, my weight now is 218: I havent seen a number under 220 in i don't know how long, maybe 6+ years
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