I'm Struggling to Cut Weight/fat. Not sure where to turn or what to try.

Iím an active, pretty fit male, 35 years old. I regular lift weights, 3 to 4 times a week. Iím strong and have a muscular build, but am not huge by any means.

Iím currently 158 lbs 5í7 (170 cm), (71.6 kg), 35 years old.

Iím struggling to cut fat. Iíve tried a few different diets and exercise routines with little progress. I donít care as much about my scale weight as I do my body fat. Iím trying to cut down to 10% body fat - Iíd guess Iím around 15-17% right now. It drives me nuts that some of the fat i have hangs on to my hips, yet I can still see my abs every so slightly.

Most Recent Try:

I followed a ketogenic diet for the last 6 weeks. About 1700-1800 calories, 130-140 grams of protein, under 30g carbs per day, and the remaining calories allotted to fat. I cheated once a day, one meal per week. No alcohol.

I lifted relatively heavy weights 3-4 times a week. 5-6 days a week I did at least 30 minutes of LISS cardio. 40 minutes on non-lifting days.

The Results:

I lost about 2-2.5 lbs (1 KG), however I felt strong. clothing fit a little bit looser, but not a lot.

Iím at the point where Iíd be happy to pay a health coach or experienced fitness ďguruĒ for a meal and workout plan. I just donít know where to turn or what Iím doing wrong.

Iím frustrated and have been taking a break from the diet. Even when not dieting, my weight hovers around the same 158/71.6 kg. Even if I eat poorly my weight doesnít want to seem move either - pretty difficult to gain weight.

I have been able to cut down to 10% body fat in my mid 20s, and Iím thinking about giving that plan a shot again. Before I do, I wanted to see if you had any suggestions I should try, or if a health coach with proven results. Iím happy to pay for a plan, itís not a big deal.

One last thing - Iím on Doctor prescribed TRT at the lowest dose. Just about 2 years ago my testosterone was tested and my levels were around the levels of a 70 year old man. Since then I have gained a bit of muscle and strength. My blood tests all come back normal, but Iím wondering if the TRT (or something else) is halting my weight loss. My testosterone levels hover around the high range of normal. TRT has changed my life - literally - and I feel much better on it. But that's a separate topic.

Iím very familiar with diet, nutrition, and training - I can calculate my macros and create a diet, but Iím not an expert.

I've spent two years trying different things, diets, etc. with minimal results (other than muscle gain).

Thanks for reading this. If you could recommend an excellent coach and or nutrition/training regime, that would a huge help.