Hi everyone, new to forums ...thought I would seek some advice as I am struggling with any weight loss. Sorry this will be semi long . I am 39 and decided it's time to get back in shape ..(mainly because co-worker was talking crap...and kids getting older need to get in shape).

Age: 39
Weight: 265
Height: 5 ' 8
Body Type: Pear (alot of weight legs / stomach)
Job: Desk job 9-5

Currently I am on Week 6 weight loss / strength building
Week 1 - Max Bench 265
Week 2
Week 3 ... lost 1 lb total
Week 4 .. fall break week off (gain 6lb (I ate half of what I have been eating ...like had 6/7 cokes a day)
Week 5
Week 6 - Lost 5 lb ...from week 4 .. Max Bench 305 / 255 x 5rep x5 set

I work out 5 days a week for 2 hrs each day ...I am going to failure and really busting ass .. I am doing heavy sets vs reps

5g Creatine / Opti Nutrition Protein Power

Current weight program
M - Chest (2 hrs)
T - Back (2 hrs)
W - off day ..sometimes cardio 30 min
T - Chest (2 hrs)
F - Arms (1.5 hrs)
S - Legs (2 hrs)
S - Off day ...

Diet: ...I cut out almost all the crap

Cal: 2400 Max 2050 average
Protein: 190g max 165g average
Carbs 260g max 204g average
Fat: 80g max 69g average
Sugar: 110g max 79g average

Breakfast: Oatmeal / Eggs / Turkey Sausage / protein power / grits
Lunch : white Rice / Gluten free pasta / marinara / 6 Oz 93-7 ground beef
Dinner: Same lunch might be turkey
Snacks: Greek Yogurt / Nuts / honey / apple / banana / diet coke with cherry flavoring
Protein shakes with milk
I will say not many vegetables

My macro calculator says
4+ time working out high intensity I should be at
2687 cal ...225 g protein (.7g per lb) ... 245g carb ..90g fat

My macro calculator says
0 time working out and desk job I should be at
1850 cal ... 217 g protein ...98g carb ... 60g fat

I am not sure really what my macros should be based on my activity and size ......most have me eating way more then I do now.

1) I feel 10 times better and have much more energy
2) I don't want to lose strength (since I made a bet with the guy talking crap on bench by end of year)
3) I don't understand how I am not losing any weight at all....I do feel I am gaining muscle
4) With the new food diet I am eating way cleaner ...I am actually eating more food qty but way less fat / carbs
However should I be eating more protein and less carbs ..or more of both ...or less. Its hard to tell with the macros since I am not sure what I should use. I am hungry all the time now ; typically crave food ever 2-3 hrs.

I mean I feel like I am 80 lb overweight (even at 180 I was muscular not ripped) ...so should I be basing my macros off lower weight since I have so much fat to lose?

Any advice appreciated,