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    I'm 87hunter and have lurked on the site so decided to register.

    I'm 31y.o and used to be functionally fit ( my term meaning i could run 5miles do a couple of push ups and play any sport for fun)

    Since I've become a Dad I have let things slip a lot.

    What brings me here is I had a very cushy office job that was eating me alive.
    I've resigned to follow my wife to the UK and have applied to join the RAF as a Regiment Gunner and need to pass a fitness test once I've completed my interview.

    I'm a bit stressed and decided to start training now as if I pass my interview my pre joining fitness test could be in as little as 4 weeks.

    I'll be browsing the site as I am battling to do the type of pushups required (arms tucked to your sides as opposed to elbows pointing out like we did at school).

    Cheers :thumbs:

    Edit: I have recently joined a gym to add weights into my training, but can only go after 8pm.
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