This is my first time posting on a bodybuilding / health forum. I've tried going to the gym a few times previously but never really lasted more than a month or so and so I decided to buy some bits for exercising from home and I'm now 3 months in and happily training ~3 times a week.

I'm 36 and my health goals are to be as healthy as possible, drink less alcohol and get ripped.

At the moment I'm trying to work out every other day when possible and my workout routine is something like this (apologies if I don't know all the correct terminology yet):

Phase 1: Body (~20 minutes)

Press ups x 3 sets
sit ups x 3
ab wheel x 3

Phase 2: Arms (~35 minutes)

Bicep curls x 3 sets
Dumbell bench press x 3
Overhead dumbell tricep extension x 3
Lateral raise x 3
Shrugs x 3

Phase 3: Cardio (~ 25 minutes)

Fake skipping
Star jumps
Boxing (punch bag)

I mix these 3 exercises up until I'm shattered then rest and repeat 2 or 3 more times.

Other than the fact that I'm clearly skipping leg day I've come to the above combinations of exercises because I hope it's going to give me a full upper body workout. I was wondering if somebody more experienced would be able to suggest if I've done an OK job of that or if there's any exercises that I should be adding in, taking out or swapping over in order to make sure that I'm covering as many upper body muscles as possible?

Diet and supplement wise I've taken to drinking a few healthy smoothies each day which include combinations of kale, spinach, broccoli, huel powder, protein powder, frozen strawberries and blackberries, honey, extra virgin olive oil and hemp oil.
I guess I'm mentioning this more to ask if people think it's sensible to add extra virgin olive oil and hemp oil to the smoothies as a healthy way to increase calorie intake?

I'm also taking Creatine, BCAA's, testostorone boosters, and pre workout supplements for energy.

If anybody has any advice as to whether I'm on the right track or if there's any glaring mistakes I'm making or things I'm missing out or whatever that would be very much appreciated!

Thank you