Primeval Labs Mega Pre Black Review


Gummy Bear – I have had Gummy Bear in EAA Max from Primeval Labs, so I expected this to be very similar in nature. What I did notice is with a different ingredient profile the taste is slightly different. Primeval Labs is well known for great flavoring, and it applies here in this upgraded version of their pre-workout. At first sip, you get a very dense, rich, and bold blueberry flavor that is complemented with zesty lemon. The lemon is not overpowering, but just enough to find a happy medium and put together both flavors. While the blueberry is in a much stronger ratio when both flavors pair together it makes for a very refreshing experience. While EAA Max may have a slight edge in flavoring, this is yet another enjoyable addition to the Primeval Labs lineup.


I have tried Mega Pre White, Red, and Black all three pre-workouts mix with ease. Give it 10-15 shakes in a blender bottle and you should have no clumps on the side of your shaker. Just like with most of the products on the line they mix with ease. This is across the board for their pre-workouts and protein powders. I have even tried mixing this with a spoon and I did have no issues when doing so. Even if you removed the blender ball from a shaker cup this should not cause any mixing issues.


Changes from Last MP Black Formula:
- Dropped L-Norvaline, N-methyltyramine, Hordenine
- Added Teacrine and Pine Bark Extract
- Lowered Dynamine from 325mg to 260mg

Per (2 Scoops):
6g Citrulline (Pump / Prevent Lactic Acid Build up / Performance)
3.2g Beta Alanine (Performance, Endurance)
3g Betaine (Cellular Electrolyte Concentration, Hydration)
2g Choline (Nootropic to aid focus/mood)
325mg Caffeine (Stimulant)

260mg Dynamine (Mood, Focus, Cognitive Enhancement)
200mg Pine Bark Extract (Enhance Bloodflow)
150mg Teacrine (Enhance Caffeine Half-Life)
150mg ElevATP ( Boost ATP Levels and energy levels)

68mg Dicaffeine Malate (Enhance Stimulant and Caffeine Half-Life)
100mcg Toothed Clubmoss (Nootropic to aid focus)

- When on Sale Around $1/Serving (2 Scoops)
- Open & Transparent Label
- Strong and refreshing flavor
- Well Rounded Formula
- Ingredient Dosage

- May be too strong at 2 scoops for some individuals (~400mg Caffeine)